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Brova Idea is underway with a number of projects, where use of novel ideas and technologies has been the common denominator. Working on exiting projects, Brova Idea is all times developing new ideas, with continually improving and implementing the newest technology. The unique constellations of experience and interests, within our Idea, have resulted in ability to point out needs of the modern world and find the optimal solutions. Welcome to the world of Brova Ideas and projects.

Brova 1

Brova 1

Brova 1 is a ship, a stage, and a theater. This conceptual solution for stage and theater lends itself to a number of desired applications. It’s a new idea that has been received extremely positively by professionals in the entertainment business.

In order to get a better understanding about Brova 1, please click on the link below to see a full vIdea presentation.

Smartlynx Airlines

Smartlynx Airlines has a fleet of aircraft available to both airlines and tour operators for both short term projects or to boost route schedules.


NorthWind Airlines

NorthWind Airlines, a subsidiary of Brova Air, operates a number of aircrafts.


Qnord offers tailored maintenance and continuing airworthiness solutions.

It is our contention and indeed in our humble opinion, that ‘All Africa’ could be very symbolic in the future objectives of the air aviation industry in the central parts of Africa. Future objectives should encompass all-important developments of a much needed infrastructure to support the movement of commercial originated goods and services as required with further development of the passenger transportation of business/private people within a specific country with obvious cross border activities between countries. We would feel that development of a solid compact, well organized aviation industry is the most efficient and effective way to connect freight and personal in this region, which will ultimately lead onto worldwide transportation.

We acquired the intimate knowledge from our recent visits where discussions with key decision makers and aviation authorities and companies in the region, it is easy for us to conclude the obvious; i.e. that there is a profound requirement/interest and dedication to do something about this infrastructure that is now challenging your operations now; not later.

Good business and good infrastructure is commensurate with a purpose biased planning which highlights the organization with human and capital resources being established to build such infrastructure.

We, in Brova Idea have the necessary know-how and resources to assist the various countries in the region to plan, organize and execute the establishment of national airlines that work together in a cross border operation under the umbrella of’ (AA). AA could and ultimately be rightfully an equivalent of ‘Europe’s Star Alliance Operation’.

Brova Idea would not only welcome and relish the opportunity of working alongside our partners within the countries in this region to ensure that AA becomes a reality as a consequence of each country’s ambitions to establish its own air aviation industry as a first priority, subsequently and in a coordinated effort secure the mutual ambitions for a well-functioning AA. will:

  • Where needed support the local authorities in establishing a well-functioning Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) based on EASA standard and requirements.
  • Research and define air aviation requirements in cooperation with each particular county.
  • Plan, organize and implement national air aviation industry in close cooperation with local authorities; based on sound joint venture principals of mutual interest.
  • Ensure that establishment of each and every national air aviation company takes due consideration of the ambitions and requirements of AAN as the “umbrella” organization that will benefit each country.

It is envisaged that the final outcome represents two important and interlinked objectives, namely a proud and independent national air aviation company, and an equally proud and well-functioning AAN.

The inherent benefits of being part of a larger organizational entity, such as AAN are:

  • Lower acquisition cost of aircrafts.
  • Uniformed size of air fleet.
  • Cross border cooperation on routes of mutual interest, including long haul routes.
  • Lower costs on spare part.
  • Lower costs on maintenance.
  • Commercial negotiating strength internationally.
  • Mutual commercial interests promoting growth in an organized manner.

The ambition of each country and indeed that of AAN could and should be a fully-fledged air aviation operation where and over time local resources are utilized to its fullest extent, viz:

  • Organize and implement crew schooling and training facilities to ensure superior standard education alternative for crews.
  • Focus on local and international requirements in educational curricula.
  • Focus on cost control aspects of air aviation industry.
  • Focus on commercial aspects locally and internationally.

Bravo has some of the most experienced employee staff in European aviation. Brova’s team leading our African Project is:

  • Milos Andric - Norwegian citizen - CEO of Brova Idea. The heart beat of the Idea always conscious of what is happening around, very much the soul and body of the Idea
  • David Hughes BSc – English Citizen- Managing Director and Technical Director Brova Idea ,A season aviation manager A Pilot /Engineer who has worked and been involved in several other Countries with respect to getting things right and up and running
  • Peter Houston – English Citizen, Chief Financial Officer within Brova Idea A man who has earned his spurs in the day to day operation of an airline a man who lets very little slip by a keen ‘bean counter’
  • Martin O’Brian – Irish Citizen, Commercial/ Operations and Quality manager Brova Croup A man who has climber the commercial ladder by stealth and plain hard work who stays on top of his role irrespective of the points in question
  • Gary Farley – English Citizen, Pilot and PA Brova Idea Here is a man who lets nothing slip a dedicated aviation individual who always likes to be in touch with whatever is going on within the world of Aviation
  • Paul Martin – English Citizen, Pilot and Project Manage Africa. A season Airline Captain who has flown anything from a B747 down to an HS 125 who has converted to engineering so a man who knows what is what within the Aviation Industry

In conclusion, we are of the firm opinion that national air aviation aspirations combined with the establishment of could and should firmly establish what is commonplace in other parts of the world, namely an air aviation industry organized and operated by national human and capital resources. In this way, important infrastructure requirements which rightfully should belong to each country can be satisfied for the betterment of each company/ country and the region as a whole.

Brova Idea

Floating Solutions



Brova has over the past Years, in cooperation with Norwegian marine technology institutions worked on identifying challenges of the modern world and crating solutions. One result of such cooperation is our state of art floating construction. The most environmentally friendly construction of its kind. Both movable and durable. It is truly a marvel of modern design and architecture. It is a unique development in construction that may be the solution to many challenges facing the mode world today. The Unit takes the shape of a “swimming ring”, where the exterior facade opens up to the surroundings, while the inner ring forms a secluded sanctuary around an enclosed sea. The resort is designed to the highest safety standards and environmental performance criteria; and will be as energy neutral or positive by use of energy efficient systems and renewable power such as solar power, heat recovery systems etc. Own desalination plant, based on Norwegian offshore technology makes the unit self-sustainable with water. The main success criteria for the Unit are:

  • Safety & security
  • Designed and equipped for uniqueness in attraction and branding
  • Meeting customer needs and reflecting local ambience
  • Comfort
  • Reliability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Functionality and efficient logistics
  • Environmental friendliness / green footprint
  • Consistent quality of accommodation and equipment
  • Attractive working environment
  • Mobility (relocation possibilities of the Unit)
  • Additional features such as sound and light effects, performance staging etc.
  • VIdeo


    Tecnoglass delivers and services small dedicated glass manufacturing plants to customers worldwide.


    Løvetann has a bold ambition to be the world leading and largest provider of sustainable housing solutions. Our focus is to prove that it’s possible to offer the many people a cool energy independent home to a shockingly low price.


    Brova part ownership in railway construction company IMKi in Serbia and Montenegro; involved as main contractor to build railway in between the cities of Bengasi and Sirth in Lybia (on hold due to situation in Libya) and presently the construction of railoroad Beograd-Pancevo and Lozica – Valjevo in Serbia.

    • Road construction contracts in several European countries, most recently in Montenegro and Croatia.
    • Housing construction – 2000 units under construction in Hlandnica, Croatia.

    Brova Naval

    State of the art engineering and construction which offers naval solutions to address growing problems of congestion in urban areas.


    About BROVA IDEA

    Brova Idea has a substantial expertise in fields of construction, transportation, marine technologies and tourism. Being involved in projects worldwide, working in different environments, and cultures, our expertise is continually challenged on innovation resulting in a number of new ideas and solutions to some existing challenges. Some of these ideas have been developed, invested in, and substantially split out into our idea factory -Brova Idea AS. Working on existing projects, Brova is all times looking for new possibilities and market requirements along with continually improving relevant technologies. Brova is proud to state that we work with some of the world’s leading companies within fields of certification, architecture, energy and construction.

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